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Civil And Commercial Litigation

Resolving civil conflicts can cost you in terms of money, time and community reputation. Our lead attorney John Lang, has decades of experience defending clients against an array of civil litigation situations — from personal injury cases to business disputes. Our goal is to provide you with the best outcome possible without needless expense.

Whether You Are An Individual Or A Business, We Can Defend You

Our firm has represented civil litigation clients in many types of cases and from many industry sectors. Some of our client cases have included:

• Products liability — defending manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and designers

• Professional liability — representing construction professionals, engineers, real estate professionals, insurance brokers, social workers, attorneys and medical providers

• Construction litigation — defending contractors against site accident and defect claims

• Premises liability — representing individuals, businesses, landowners and property managers in claims involving injuries and property damages

• Commercial litigation — representing Massachusetts individuals, businesses and out-of-state clients facing conflicts with Massachusetts enterprises

Let Us Simplify Your Litigation Puzzles

Your business can survive civil litigation. Let us show you how. For a confidential case consultation, call us at our office in Lynnfield at 781-595-3500 or email the firm. We work with clients throughout the Boston metro area including Essex, Middlesex and Suffolk counties as well as courts throughout Massachusetts.

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